We got a good thing growing.

We are a team of cannabis industry experts with a passion for helping dispensaries succeed. We have a deep understanding of the cannabis industry and the challenges that dispensaries face and are committed to helping our clients achieve their goals and become successful businesses.

Award winning team

Our team is backed by an award winning West Coast dispensary chain, successfully navigating the complex medical and adult-use cannabis industry with full compliancy, and a decade of scaling operations.

We have a successful track record of providing consulting services ranging from simple business plans, to full-scale dispensary build-outs and training programs. Wherever there is a challenge, our team has met it.

Helping dispensary operators open and scale

Reduced risk: We help prospective teams reduce the risk of failure and costs through the knowledge and experience from our dispensary team.

Fast to the finish line: Cannabis industry entrepreneurs typically get lost on the path to building a business plan, due to the complexities of regulation, and highly expensive start-up costs. Our team ensures you get to the finish line efficiently.

Get started today.

Get started today.